Meah Robertson Naturopath

Meah Robertson Naturopath

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Meah D Robertson. Naturopath/Nutritional Medicine/Herbal Medicine/Life Coach


Hello, and thank you for visiting. I have been a Naturopath on the Gold Coast since 2006.  I have a lot of clinical experience with women’s health and hormonal issues.  I am also working with children a lot more recently and as a mother I understand the importance of looking after the little one’s health.  I have recently made some changes to my clinic/work life and I’m now primarily based at home.  That means that I’m offering consultations from home in Southport on the Gold Coast as well as via Skype and in clinic with Dr. Dean Stubbs at Health Intelligence Medical Centre.

The main areas that I specialise in are:

  1. Natural Fertility/infertility & IVF preparation/support
  2. Hormonal imbalances
  3. Thyroid & adrenal issues associated with metabolism & energy
  4. Complementary Mental Health Support/Holistic Counselling and Life coaching.
    1. Including but not limited to anxiety, depression (including subtypes), emotional disorders, post trauma, learning and behaviour issues.
    2. Support for DNA/genetic disorders including: pyrroles, undermethylation, overmethylation and MTFHR polymorphism
  5. Hormonal acne
  6. Menopause
  7. Wellness for Weight loss
  8. Support for short Detoxification/Cleansing
  9. Digestive issues
  10. Pregnancy Support

Your body is sensitive, but also extremely resilient. Never underestimate it’s power to heal when given the right support and environment.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me I welcome all enquiries.

Kind Regards – Meah Robertson.

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