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Meah Robertson – Naturopath Gold Coast Queensland

Providing experienced Naturopathic consultations on the Gold Coast since 2006

Our goal is for you to heal & create the life you deserve.

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“Your body is sensitive, but also extremely resilient. Never underestimate it’s power to heal when given the right support and environment”

IMG_5042Hello and thank you for visiting. I hope to give you some more information about myself and the integrative doctors I work with, what we do and how I can help you. I have been a Naturopath on the Gold Coast working with patients through consultations since 2006.  As a Naturopath BHSc. (Nat), Adv. Dip. (Nat) my qualifications mean that I’ve completed 4 years of university, including studies in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Natural Medicine, Dietary Planning, Exercise Programming, Counseling & stress management. In addition to this I have a lot of clinical experience with hormone balancing (restorative endocrinology), Detoxification Programs including removal of chemicals / heavy metals / environmental toxins and lifestyle optimization. Using my knowledge in these areas I help you to create a foundation for good health. As well as addressing any immediate health priorities. Given the right environment the body has the ability to heal, your symptoms reduce, you gain vitality, the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place. Your life you’ll find just flows more easily. We start this process off by working together in consultations.  We begin with investigating the cause of the symptoms and develop a treatment plan to support you to heal from within and come back into balance naturally.

I have a unique practice in which I am able to work in different clinic environments and combine resources with experienced medical professionals.  Including integration with female doctor Dr. Jane Chapman, male doctor Dr. Dean Stubbs and 3 lovely midwives Rosie, Steph & Maria.  This works wonderfully alongside my Naturopathic practice and provides a one-of-a-kind experience with multiple health professionals working together to give you the best quality of care, which equals results.

The main areas that I specialise in are:

  1. Fertility or Infertile couples / IVF preparation
  2. Complementary Mental Health Support.  Including but not limited to anxiety, depression (including subtypes), emotional disorders, post trauma, learning and behaviour issues.  I utilise the guidelines from Dr. William Walsh & The Walsh Institute for testing & nutritional support related to under or over methylation, pyrroles, copper toxicity and zinc + B6 deficiencies.  For more information please visit http://www.walshinstitute.org
  3. Hormonal acne
  4. Menopause
  5. Wellness for weight loss

(packages are available please contact me for more information)

If you feel like your health is not as good as it could be, it may be as simple as have low energy or something more complicated like infertility, you can trust that I’ll be able to help your situation. I look forward to working with you soon.

Kind Regards - Meah Robertson.

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